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Welcome the Strange Little Girls

March 14th, 2016

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We are thrilled to announce the release of Strange Little Girls. Print and kindle editions are now available on

The collection features nineteen stories from nineteen fabulous authors, each one exploring a different aspect of the strange little girl. From the mundane to the monstrous, the sweet to the weird, this books offers something for everyone who likes their fiction with a twist:

In Fairy Tale Ending by Terra LeMay, a bitter changeling calls out her goblin princess counterpart.

Deep Down by Tim Jeffreys explores what happens when you are not, in fact, a girl at all.

In The Cottage of Curiosities by Annie Neugebauer Patty is caring for her sick mother, while something sinister is lurking in the woods.

A peculiar girl shows up one night in Black Flower Butterfly by Rich Hawkins, and black flowers starts to bloom between the floorboards.

A totem girl is born in Beehive Heart by Angela Rega, and a birthday sleepover goes all wrong in Annabelle’s Sleepover by Jan Stinchcomb.

In Bones in Boxes by Frances Pauli, a girl collects animal bones and decorates them with pretty colors.

The great old ones comes to visit in Marco Polo by Calypso Kane.

Rin is dug up from the dirt in Teeth Bite Harder in the Dark by Sierra July, and a sister of mercy faces a crisis of fate in Sisters in the Art of Dying by Megan Neumann.

The orphanage is haunted by something invisible in The Empty Birdcage by L. Lark, and Alison goes back to college in Cedar Lake by Ekaterina Sedia.

In Pinhole by Tantra Bensko, the neighborhood girls stalks weird Wren Ferndale, and a strange woman with a necklace made of teeth shows up in the garden in Ephiny Gale‘s From Strangers.

Postage costs dearly in D’arcy Gray and the Midnight Mailman by Ian MacAllister-McDonald.

In Pretty Jennie Greenteeth by Leife Shallcross, Charlotte takes her cousin to visit the monster in the pond.

An angel is dancing in the woods in Where Summer Ends by Colette Aburime.

The family has always been there in We Have Always Lived in the Subdivision by Karen Munro, and Adelaide must face great challenges in House of Infinite Diversions by Aliya Whiteley.

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