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Tuesday Candy: Sweet dreams are made of this…

July 2nd, 2013

BED by Joshua Hoffine
“I am interested in creating photographs that employ archetypal imagery to act out universal fears. These are the subjects I look for. The more common or cliched the fear, the more I want to make an image of it. We can all relate to the idea of a monster hiding under the bed, but we’ve never seen a photograph of it before. Through photography, I want to explore archetypes that we are already familiar with. I want to drag our psychological monsters out into the light of day and take pictures of them.”


Joshua Hoffine’s photos takes us to an almost forgotten world of childhood fears. It’s a gorgeous, macabre and absolutely horrifying world. One we would prefer to close the door on and lock it for all eternity, and yet…we can’t keep our eye from the keyhole to get a glimpse of the other side.

CLOSET by Joshua Hoffine
“We can all remember being children, when our fears were still very primal. My photographs remind adults of things they used to be frightened of, but have forgotten about. Recover the memory, and you recover the fear.”

Do you remeber your childhood nightmares? The Belladonnas most certainly do and take a sort of gruesome delight in reliving them through Hoffine’s lens. If you are prepared to take the journey back in time and do the same we recommend that you visit his website for the full series. And lots of other intriguing pieces in the same vein, of course!


Joshua Hoffine’s Website

We also recommend you to take a look at his blog for fantastic behind-the-scene photos and lots of interesting comments on the nature of fear.

(Quotes taken from an interview in Speculum by Danilo Corci.)

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