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Tuesday Candy: Rainbows and Sparkles and…Unicorns!

July 16th, 2013

Oh what to do on those endless summer nights, while patiently waiting for Black Apples to hit the stores? Fear not, beloved readers! We have the remedy for that lonesome litterature blues..

It’s sparkly, it’s shiny….it’s Robot Unicorn Attack!

“Like a comet made of gold, glitter and Lady Gaga’s eyelashes, Robot Unicorn Attack circled the Earth and filled the firmament with its irresistible radiance for the whole of 2010. It changed lives. It challenged sexualities. It involves pressing two buttons. It is undoubtedly the greatest game of all time which features a Robot Unicorn, unless you’re a metalhead who digs its sequel.”

Kieron Giller: Eurogamer

To play the free online game please visit the Adult Swim website.

May the sparkles & shines & 90’s soundtrack be with you!


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