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Tuesday Candy: Miwa Yanagi’s Fairy Tale

December 11th, 2012

Dark, disturbing and utterly fascinating, Miwa Yanagi’s Fairy Tale is a photographic journey into the gruesome nature of our beloved classics. Most of her works reflects upon the themes of the young maiden and the old crone, youth versus old age: constricted female roles. And what better way to illuminate these themes than through fairytales?

Gretel nibbling on the old witch.
(Gretel – Miwa Yanagi, 2004)


Yanagi’s interpretation of the old tales and their well-defined female roles is sprinkled with haunting twists and turns; young girls playing the role of old hags, Gretel nibbling on the wicked witch, Red Riding Hood and Grandmother resting in the wolf’s bloody belly…

Time for a nap?
( Little Red Riding Hood – Miwa Yanagi, 2004)


This intriguing series of black and white photos takes us to the darkest depths of the constant struggle between youth and old age in the female character, wanting to be wise yet trying to be the everlasting fair maiden. A concept that perhaps, sadly,  far too many can relate to.



To enjoy the full series, visit the artist’s official website:


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(All photos are from the artist’s official website.)

Liv Lingborn, 2012.


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