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Submission Call: Wicked Belles

April 16th, 2013

Belladonna Publishing is putting together a comics anthology of stories about the strangest of flowers: the female serial killer. We envision musty lace, arsenic, bloody axes – and a dash of frustrated house wives.

We’re looking for stories shrouded in time and mystery, our “Belles” must have been dead for at least 50 years. We want stories that explore the tale, the time and the psyche; feel free to expand on the historical sources. We want to see romantic times and grisly deeds come alive on the pages.

Belles of particular interest:
 Belle Gunnes, Madame LaLaurie, Kate Bender, Bonnie Parker, Vera Renczi and the Black Widows of Liverpool, but these are merely suggestions.

What we want: Originality is treasured, so is strong storytelling and clever plots. We expect the stories to have been properly researched.

What we do not want: Straight forward retelling of historical facts, pointless gore or splatter horror, Belles with no historical records.

Submissions: We only accept submissions via e-mail.

Please send synopsis, character art and 4 sequential pages in a PDF-file

Subject line: Wicked Belles submission – name of story

The PDF-file should be named with the creators last name and the name of the story. (smith.bloodymurder.pdf)

Charater art: colour, greyscale or B&W in A4-format, 72dpi.

Sequential pages: Greyscale or B&W in A4-format, 72dpi.

Our wish is to work closely with the creators throughout the creative process and make the most of it for everyone involved.

Please note that we welcome creative teams, but we do not pair up artists and writers.

Length: The finished story should be between 20 –  40 pages.

Language: We will read submissions in English, Norwegian and Swedish.

Publishing details: Print and e-book.

Publishing date: 2014

Payment: Royalties on print and e-book.



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  1. […] about as I want it to be a secret until it is actually picked up as a story, but it’s for Wicked Belles (Belladonna Publishing). And no, it is not for any of the female serial killers they suggested. […]

  2. Nico says:

    Is the submission still opened? What is the deadline?
    Thank you

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