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Fairytale Friday: Vintage Cinderella

December 28th, 2012

In preparation for New Year’s Eve, here’s the girl that’s forever anxiously waiting for the clock to strike twelve.

This is the first Cinderella movie, dating back to 1899. The sound isn’t all… there, but the movie is very sweet.
We’re particularly fond of the clock goblin… gnome…. faerie… – thing:

Movie by Georges Melies, 1899



One Response to “Fairytale Friday: Vintage Cinderella”

  1. Tobias says:

    Thank you Emily! I hadn’t read the original Cinderella, but I have read sevaerl different versions of that story, including an Egyptian one that is supposedly one of the originals. I think it is amazing how that particular story shows up in cultures all over the world throughout history.I have to admit, I am thankful to Disney for making a remake of The Little Mermaid story. I saw an awful animated version of it on tv as a kid, and sobbed my eyes out. Then I read the original and realized that the end was happier than the tv show, because in the tv show she just turned into sea foam, and “that’s where sea foam comes from” what?! However, I like the fun of the Disney version as well.Fairy tales in all their versions are fascinating, partly because of what they tell us about our culture and our faith lives.

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