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Fairytale Friday: Black Apples is here!

April 18th, 2014

We are thrilled to announce the release of Black Apples, 18 new fairytales. Now available in print from, and with Kindle- and e-book editions right around the corner.

The collection features stories from eighteen international authors, each with their own take on the fairytale princess and the mythos surrounding her. In this book you’ll find less pink and lace, more dark and delicious! 


In Snow Child by Molly Pinto Madigan we meet a queen who races against time, fights mirrors and the increasing power of the Snow Child with ugly shirts and full-fat apple pies.

Twelve Sisters, Twelve Sisters Ten by Karen Heuler presents twelve sisters who spend their nights dancing under the waves. There is, of course, no way their father – or society – will let them.

In Deus Ex Machina by Caren Gussoff, The Wicked Witch has a problem when the Fair Maiden turns out to be needy prey.

In Alison Littlewood’s Bluebeard’s Child a heart is drawn upon the wall every time a mother leaves. The growing pains of Bluebeard’s child is not like any other’s…

In Sickly Sweet by Ephiny Gale the silver hands are bent on building; with sugar, spices and chocolate, until the children arrives at the gingerbread house.

Bunny’s Lucky Slipper by Pat R Steiner introduces us to Carolyn, who has stolen from the temple and is on the run. Armed with her childhood favorite book, she embarks on a quest to find the story’s elusive author.

In Every Heart is Cold Dark Matter, Nadia Bulkin’s fairytale, Melanie of Krepshire is marked as “the unlucky princess”. Add the appearance of a threatening comet, a mad prophet and peculiar incidents involving rodents, and Princess Melanie’s future is no longer certain…

In Citizen by David Turnbull, Rapuntzel is imprisoned – again. Can a hatbox of hair save the day?

Nicki Vardon gives us Everyone Else has Two Eyes: When her mother and sisters slays the little goat – Kaksi’s only friend – she gets creative with threads and a needle. Kaksi is born with two eyes, and is the ugliest child Mama Louhi ever born.

Scar by Elin Olausson tells the story of the Queen of Debre who dearly wanted a daughter. In the end, she got one: beautiful Stella; dressed in silk and velvets, adorned with pearls and precious stones…

Harsh Beauty by Martine Helene Svanevik asks: what if Belle’s love for the beast did not extend to the prince underneath?

In Cloaks and Hoods by Angela Rega, Soleil takes out the fur and wears it in through the night, every time the memories comes seeping through the walls like moss and vines.

In The Shadow and the Snake by Natalia Theodoridou we visit a Palace, once upon a time, and a Girl and a Snake and a Shadow.

In Coyote and the Girl in the Red Dress by Rose Williamson the girl in the red dress dances too close to the handsome man. Coyote walks the city streets, until he picks up her scent of fear.

In Sarah L Byrne’s A Winter Evening a curse has been placed, and a love must be saved. A princess must walk between worlds to see it done.

In Enkesonnen by Alex Petri, Felix, once an enchanted prince, does not fit in his own fairytale. Cyphrian, slayed the troll and set Felix free, but where does Felix fit in this ‘happily ever after’?

And Gold in Her Eyes by Maigen Turner: No one told you what came of unions between fair maidens and beasts. How do you love a child who begs your forgiveness with dead mice and larks on the stairs?

Finally, in Godmother Death by Kate O’Connor, Death’s goddaughter walks in shadows. Then there is a ball, a slipper of glass, and a King with shadows of his own…

Please enjoy! Spread the word! We hope you’ll be as thrilled with our fairytales as we are!



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