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Black Apples – An update

February 9th, 2013

Slightly dusty and with broken stems? Not our Black Apples!
(Picture taken at HM)

It’s been about three weeks since we closed the submissions for Black Apples, and we still have about sixty princesses left to read.  We received more submissions for the anthology than we anticipated (yay!), and are asking for some patience while we read through it all. We send out responses weekly.

Observations we have made:
– Cinderella is the most popular tale to retell
– Sleeping Beauty and Rapuntzel are number 2 and 3
– Arianna, is for some reason a very popular princess name – anyone know why?
– Names beginning with an A are in general  overrepresented – and I really do wonder why…
– Red Riding Hood is, not surprisingly,  the “princess” most frequently portrayed as a slayer, particularly of wolves.

It’s also important to mention that we have a magnificent short list of fabulous stories that truly puts a new spin on old tales. The final cut for the TOC will be very, very hard.

Belladonna and this stooping, disheveled lady spotted at a toy store, thank all the authors for submitting their stories to us!

(Picture taken at BR Leker) 

7 Responses to “Black Apples – An update”

  1. Nicki Vardon says:

    Names beginning with A seem to be popular within the Dutch royal house, too. The three youngest princesses all have a name beginning with A, and the youngest is called “Ariane”. Same influence? Does it just sound more royal?

    Or maybe the Dutch are just very trendy ;-)

  2. George says:

    Hey there
    What’s the shortlist looking like right now?

  3. Writer says:

    Maybe there should be literally “the other books” for the ones the ones who didn’t make the final cut but were short-listed.

    • Belladonna Publishing says:

      Yes, we have been thinking the same thing when we have been “forced” to reject stories we really like for different reasons. Alas, that’s not something we can afford at this point…

  4. Writer says:

    Yes, I read those reasons. Understandable, and it was nice of you to put them up there! It’s always comforting to know that it wasn’t you, it was just them =P

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